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If you’ve never practiced before, we are here to get you started. If you’re intermediate, we’ll guide you to the next level. If you’re advanced, we’ll push you with new and exciting techniques to further your journey.

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Beginner Basics

A great place to start for someone just beginning Vinyasa practice or those that want to hone in on certain poses. Focused on learning poses, proper alignment and breathing techniques in Vinyasa flow. Taught in a workshop format, students will be introduced to these topics through step by step verbal description and demonstration. Emphasis is placed on understanding how to execute each pose with safety and stability in mind. As the students become comfortable, these poses will be linked together into a gentle flowing sequence.


Basics (Level 1)

Basics is a perfect place for beginners and for those ready to flow in and out of basic Vinyasa Flow poses. New poses may be introduced from time to time but kept in a Basic format.



If you prefer a non-heated, non-strenuous, chaturunga free class that still allows you to receive the benefits of a vinyasa flow class, this is the class for you :) The class may even include some restorative poses at the end and is perfect for students who are new to yoga as it will be performed at a slower pace.


All Levels (Level 1-2)

All Levels  introduces new poses and variations frequently and is taught at a more energetic pace.  Some classes include opportunities to get upside down and work in an arm balance or two.




Power Hour (Level 3)

Ready for a next level challenge? Power hour is for you!  This advanced flow offers a fast pace and everything an All Levels class does, and much more. Many opportunities are given to strengthen in new poses and take well known poses to the next level.



This Yin-based calming and meditative practice is designed to increase flexibility by focusing on opening and stretching the deep connective tissues in your body. Warm environment is still used, but majority of the practice is on your mat on the floor.



This is a flow class with light hand weights incorporated

throughout. (1—3lb weights available at the studio;

you are welcome to bring your own but we suggest

no heavier than 5lbs). You’ll be amazed how

different you feel after just holding light

weights for poses periodically

throughout a practice.

Come give it a try!


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