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Simply Yoga in Lemont provides Vinyasa Flow classes for beginners and lifelong yogis. We offer many different level classes to choose from, including Beginner Basics, Basics, All Level, Power Hour, Restorative, and Sculpt.


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Classes are generally 60 minutes and are conducted in an 80-85 degree environment. It’s not hot yoga, but it’s warm enough to help you get your blood flowing, increase flexibility and detox your mind and body.


Thank you all for helping us build a strong yoga community servicing Lemont and its vicinity.


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Schedule Changes

Starting November 30th, the Monday night schedule will change to the following 2 classes, 5:30pm All Levels with Thera and 6:45pm Basics with Amy. We are making room to eventually add on an 8:00pm class over the winter - stay tuned!


As of December 3rd, the 5:15 Sculpt class has been canceled, you can still catch this class with Chistina on Sundays at 8:30am.

Starting November 28th the Saturday 11:00am class will be a Beginner Basics Class.  This class is a great way to zero in on Vinyasa Flow fundamentals and is taught in a workshop format.


All Levels Arm Balance and Inversion Workshop

December 6th from 12:00-1:30pm join Vanessa for another amazing workshop! Suited to All Levels, come learn new basics and challenge yourself to move into advanced poses if you are ready.  The cost of the workshop is $25.


February 28th 12:00-2:00pm, mark you calender for a special event! Carmen Aguilar from The Yoga Lab in Chicago will be holding a workshop at Simply Yoga!


Potions to advance your practice!

"In this challenging and smartly sequenced class we'll warm up the upper body, limber up the spine and loosen the hips to explore a number of arm balances. We'll be linking them with some inversions, to find an organic and interesting flow as we stop and deconstruct some of those asanas a bit more thoroughly. This workshop is a perfect opportunity to take your practice a step further, grab pointers, challenge your mind and have fun in a safe and laid back environment."


You won't want to miss it! The cost of this workshop will be $40


News and Upcoming Events

What do I need to bring?

  • If you have a yoga mat please bring it with you. If you don’t have one you may borrow one of ours free of charge. We suggest you bring your own towel to cover the mat, as you will sweat.
  • Bring water with you and drink it as frequently as you need.
  • The studio is generally heated to about 85 degrees, so wear something comfortable that you can stretch and sweat in
  • If it’s your first time in the studio, please try to arrive 5—10 minutes early to get checked in and settled.
  • If you have any injuries or are pregnant, please let the instructor know so modifications to poses can be offered.
  • Try not to eat a big meal at least 2 hours before a class. A light snack beforehand may help you get through your practice.
  • Try to eat a snack or meal rich in protein within 1 hour after class.
  • Every day is different on your mat. Always remember and honor that and honor yourself always.
  • Whether it’s your first class or your 100th, know that we are all students together, even the instructor. It’s called yoga “practice” for a reason!
  • Let your ego and expectations go.  Enjoy a fun, friendly and engaging class taught by certified yoga trainers. There are no mirrors in the studio so look within, let go, and breathe!

What should I expect?

On the fence about trying yoga?

You’re not alone! Read this great article by Hope Knosher, directed to anyone thinking about trying yoga.

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